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Good morning everyone! It is early in the morning and my workout partner in I are going in for a 1 hour hardcore arms workout! I always get excited right before we head off to the gym and especially when I take a couple of scoops of my kick ass preworkout drink! Anyways, I drove by my friends home and picked him up on the way to the gym. We were blasting some heavy metal and getting ourselves pumped out to work our ass off in the gym!

My buddy is a good ole boy, blue collar every step of the way and owns a successful electrician service company out in Plano Texas. He didn’t go to college but this man definitely knows how to run a business and on top of that has tremendous work ethic, which I truly admire. I’m glad I have someone with the same work ethic that I too possess!

I used to workout by myself all the the time but I started noticing that my competitive drive started diminishing slowly but surely. I started actually feeling less motivated to pump out a few extra reps or try lifting heavier weight and challenging myself. I also wasn’t attempting any PRs because of the safety issue and didn’t want to hurt myself.

I finally wised up after last year and started to interview workout partners who could keep up with me and have the same drive that I do as well. I met with some guys but we just didn’t click and unexpectedly, a large figure of a man came walking as if he had a mission! I remember just observing the guy and thinking that this man is truly serious and I much respected that. He also had an awesome physique and was strong as hell! The dude came in warming up with 3 plates on each side of the bar!

I knew this was the guy to help challenge me and get ready for Mr. Olympia. Long story short, we really hit it off and have now become great friends. He holds me accountable and I do the same to him. Its a win win situation! So, my advice is to go out there and find someone who is like minded and as hardcore as you! You won’t be disappointed with the end result!

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